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As a Member, you get:
    • TWO LIVE STREAMING VIDEO BROADCASTS each month where you can participate and connect with others.
    • The FIRST Live Streaming Broadcast is a meditation to take you deeper into your own connection to access all the wisdom and guidance you need.
    • In the SECOND Live Streaming Video session, you'll receive professional development training and business skills to boost your life purpose in the world.
    • Offer your courses and products to members.
    • CoCreate with the Community of Light around you as you build a stream of affiliate income.
    • Teach! Are you an expert in a field of business? Teach your course to The Angel Guild members.
    • Offer readings to Gateway Community and Angel Guild members.
    • Exchange stories and experiences on business best practices in your industry.
    • Connect! Don't go it alone another moment. Join now to connect with the most amazing Earth Angels!
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    Creating a Coherent Field Environment

    with Rev. Lisa Clayton

    August Meditation and Business & Leadership Training

    Rev. Lisa Clayton


    Lisa A. Clayton, MS, Author, Master Trainer, is the founder and President of Source Potential, a human development company. Lisa offers more than 30 years of experience in professional training, coaching and consulting. Lisa created a unique learning method for developing individual potential and application of learning concepts which are used worldwide by clients such as American Express and HSBC in facilitator certifications.

    Lisa conducts intensive counseling as an ordained Angel Minister and specializes in connecting individuals with their spiritual domain and resources. From her passion for heart and intuitive learning, Lisa became a HeartMath(R) Certified Trainer and Licensed Coach. She focuses on coaching management, executive levels and staff group trainings in corporations plus private individual and family sessions. Lisa is also a HeartMath(R) Ambassador finding highest value in evolving both herself and her business through HeartMath tools and techniques resulting in greater resilisency, creativity and fun! Lisa's website is LisaAClayton.com.


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    • Inspired Guidance

      Do you receive inspired guidance from angels and Spirit for your soul-based business?

    • Spiritual Support

      As a leader, where do you go to receive personal spiritual support and powerful business development training?

    • Angel Community

      Spirit guided you here. Take the leap of faith and give us a try—make the choice to unite with your angelic community.

    Here’s what you get each month

    We begin by gathering to renew and restore the radiant glow of Love in our hearts and souls. Then to generously share our combined energy in massive calls to Love such as the world has never before seen!

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    Add a new income stream to support your Mission. Here's How:

    Lead: Each month, Gateway Higher Consciousness Community members attend a live Illumination Circle on a topic of higher consciousness. Lead a Circle.

    Offer your Programs: Follow up the Illumination Circle with a special offer on an affiliate revenue sharing.

    Counsel: A second live session each month is a healing circle where Gateway Community members ask questions and receive readings, coaching, or counseling. You could be the expert working with members to answer questions, heal issues and bring greater light and intuitive knowing to the situation. As members get to know you personally, they will be more interested in your offerings.

    Guide: Lead Personal Spiritual Support Sessions with Angel Guild members. Share your greatest skills and wisdom through meditation, spiritual technologies and individual coaching/counseling.

    Teach: Are you an expert in an area of spiritual business? Teach us! Share the best you’ve got in our Spiritual Business Building monthly sessions for Angel Guild members.

    Take it deeper: Follow up your business class with a special offer of a deeper program on the topic, either recorded or live with affiliate revenue sharing.

    Sell: Place your books and products in our future store when you lead or teach.

    Connect: We are stronger together! Invite your community to join Gateway Higher Consciousness Community and receive monthly affiliate commissions on every new member at any level including The Angel Guild. This is a great way to build an income base while enriching the lives of your people.

    Accessible everywhere in just minutes—all you need is:

    • A smart phone, tablet, or computer
    • Internet, wifi or phone connection
    • An email to receive information for the calls and access to the Wisdom Teachings and other treasures

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    • TWO Live Streaming Video Trainings each month
    • Spiritual Business Building Support
    • Unlimited Affiliate Income potential
    • Peer support and connection
    • Larger community to share your work with
    • Community building opportunities
    • Personal Spiritual Support
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    The Angel Guild is for those who use angels in a soul based business. Receive the support, education, and encouragement to take your business to the next level. Your card will be charged $66.66 every 30 days.