Angel Ministry Ordination

12 Weeks, 15 Units of gateway University transcript credit

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Pre-Requisite: Angel Reader Certification & Angel Counselor Certification

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With the foundation of Angelology, Spiritual Practice, Intuitive and Mystical Skills, Consciousness, and Angel Counseling laid, it’s time to focus on the skills of ministry.


Core Curriculum:

Receiving the Call to Ministry
The call of the soul appears through feelings, family, life circumstances, injury, friends, mates, and children. Recognize how you are being called to the Ministry. Learn simple ways to become an Angel on Call for service to the world. Vision your Angel Ministry.

Planning Your Ministry
Each Angel Ministry is unique. Your Angel Ministry will be based on your soul’s calling, gifts, and skills. Learn the options as you vision and define your ministry.

Spiritual Community Development Angel-ordination
What is your vision for your community or congregation? How will you find the people who want to be a part of your ministry? Define your virtual and real out-reach methods. Learn about the qualities of leaders and do a self-assessment. Then lead a group!

Right association is a foundation to every serious spiritual path. That means associating with others who help raise you up into truth and love rather than drag you down into negativity, judgment and agitated emotions. Learn the ground rules for right association and how to apply them to build spiritual community.

Launching Your Ministry
You’ve defined your business plan, now jump into action. Get peer and Angel Ministry support as you take the first steps in your ministry.

History of Angels in Scripture
The angels have the longest lineage of any spiritual influence in human life. Receive an overview of documented angel guidance, healing, inspiration and protection in The Bible’s Old Testament, Jesus experiences with angels, the angels of the Kabbalah, Hindu angels, Buddhist angels, the angels of Islam, and the Essene angel rituals. Draw on this rich heritage in all you do include sacred writing and speaking.

As an Angel Minister, you will be asked to manifest healing, prosperity, peace, love, truth, community, you name it. Learn more about the keys to manifesting and how to command with authority.

Devotional Service
Selfless giving or devotional service is an essential spiritual practice. Learn about the benefits, benedictions, and joy of giving freely from your heart and soul. Tithe your time and abilities in the way you feel called to The Angel Ministry doing student support, office help, Ordination planning and preparation, copy editing and proofreading, project management, design and anything else needed. Angel Ministry requires not only abilities before audiences, but also the practical ability to get things done behind the scenes without recognition or spotlight acknowledgement. Tithe ten hours of selfless service.

Sacred Writing for Publication
Learn to receive the text you need for your ministry through prayerful writing. Articles, sermons, blogs, prayers, ceremonies, rituals, holy sacraments are all waiting to pour through your soul for the people in your congregation. Explore opportunities for getting your writing out to the world.

Pastoral Counseling and Dysfunctional Families
Dr. Judith Larkin Reno presents instruction on the dysfunctional family, healthy families and marriages. You’ll get an emotional guide for survivors of dysfunctional families; checklist for hidden anger; ten commandments for resolving conflict; Dr. John Bradshaw’s profile of a dysfunctional family system, along with models of healthy marriage and a potent relationships reading list.

Writing inspiring messages or sermons for church congregations and any events you do has never been more important. That is why great resources are essential. Learn the basics for preparing messages and get some great resources. Then speak! You’ll have the opportunity to present at a Sunday Angel Service sponsored by The Angel Ministry or be a guest on our We Are The Beads of the Rosary Radio program.

Ministerial Practicum 1 Blessing
Officiate at a home or garden blessing. It could even be your own home or garden. Gain practical experience preparing for the blessing, entering into communion with Spirit, and speaking the blessing out loud. Highly recommended that others be present.

Ministerial Practicum 2 Group Leadership
Learn how to organize and guide an event, or hone your skills. Explore the options and discover your style. Then lead! Then host an event for your family, friends and clients.

Ministerial Practicum 4 Funding Raising and Tithing Project
Choose a fund raising project and donate the proceeds. Combine projects and donate revenue from a blessing, event or angel counseling sessions.

Ministerial Candidacy
Explore the ethical issues involved in being a minister including rules of confidentiality, penitent privilege, mandatory informancy, and moral impeccability. In addition, learn more about the practical side of the ministry; record keeping, weddings, your Annual Report and tithing to the Mother Church. Complete with a temporary virtual ordination that will hold until you come for the live ordination in Northern California.

Audio Studies:

Spiritual Initiation, by Judith Larkin Reno
Life Visioning 2-CD kit, by Michael Beckwith


The Angel Ministers Handbook, by Kimberly Marooney
Giving Thanks: The Art of Tithing, by Paula Langguth Ryan
Transformational Speaking: If you want to change the world tell a better story, by Gail Larsen

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Ordination Program

5 Days, 6 Units of Gateway university transcript credit

Live event, location to be announced
Pre-Requisites: Angel Reader Certification, Angel Counselor Certification and Angel Ministry

Attend a retreat where the final ordination and anointing will take place passing on the lineage of the Seraphim and initiating you into The Order of the Seraphim. You won’t want to miss this life changing experience. There will be additional tuition and fees for the Ordination to cover the costs of accommodation, meals, materials, and your travel.


Core Curriculum: angel-wedding

Sacred Event Preparation, Homiletics and Leadership
Hands-on experience preparing for sacred events. Room blessing, altar set up, blessing holy water and anointing oil. Invoking angels and God. Event preparation and room set-up for optimal flow of energy. How to use music in sacred ceremony and events. Leading sacred circles. Homiletics, deliver a sacred message.

The Signature Wedding
Get the basics on what you need to know to officiate at weddings. You’ll receive The Signature Wedding book by Rev. Dr. Judith Larkin Reno. This is two books in one. A Love Manual for Happy Marriage, and a comprehensive source book for ministers to use with couples in prenuptial counseling as well as designing the wedding ceremony. You’ll learn how to put together a unique wedding ceremony and even get a little bit of practice! Training includes a step-by-step guide for working with brides and grooms.

The Sacraments of Baptism & Holy Communion Blessing & Holy Water for Baptism
Practical hands-on training to prepare and administer the Holy Sacraments of Baptism and Communion. Learn the value of these sacraments, where and when to administer to supplicants. Holy Communion for the sick and dying during home and hospital visits.

Ordination and Anointing
Not like a school graduation, this life altering experience of anointing calls you into union with your true being where you will claim your heritage in the Seraphim Lineage and the souls who are destined to come to you for healing. Dance in the joy of soul and Divine Oneness that result from deep prayer, meditation, and focused endeavor. Then fall into the arms of your eternal beloved as you open your heart, mind, body and soul to receive the mantle authority and vision of your ministry.

Starting Your Ministry
Now that you’re ordained, what is your next step? Visioning and business planning for your Angel Ministry. Sacred marketing of your services. Developing your congregation through events, counseling, sacraments, weddings, speaking.


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Attend courses by phone and internet with weekly reading and listening assignments. All class sessions will be recorded. Listen at your convenience if you can’t attend a session live.

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With God, anything is possible.

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*LTD OFFER—Free Introductory Angel Classes: 4 Ways to Deepen Your Experience with Angels.
Attend Four 2-hour classes with Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney! FREE! SIGN-UP NOW