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The Angel Ministry program begins with the most in-depth Angel Reader training course available in the world. More than “just a reading,” this step-by-step method teaches you to bring people into a state of divine connection, love, healing, forgiveness, and guidance. Miracles happen in the embrace of the angels and God. You are not the doer; you are providing the Bridge to Spirit. That is what the angels first called Angel Blessings Cards.


Core Curriculum:

Professional Angel Reader Business Development
Begin with your vision of your Angel Reader practice. From there, a potent questionnaire guides you effortlessly through defining your first draft of your business plan. Through the 12 weeks, you will fill in the pieces in preparation to launch your practice. Several prominent Angel Readers will join us to share tips and suggestions they’ve learned from experience.

Practicum: Angel Reading angel-card-reading
Learn step-by-step how to do potent Angel Readings that go beyond the mind and into direct connection with Spirit. With peer and Angel Minister support, practice giving Angel Readings. Log ten readings to get your certificate.

The Angel Connection: Overview of the Types of Angels
Much has been written about angels over the millennia. Get an overview of the generally accepted hierarchies and types of angels. Learn to balance thinking with experience as you discover for yourself with this introduction to the hierarchies of Dionysius, The Kabbahla, Ceanne DeRohan and others.

The Angel Connection: Earth Angels and Living Legacies
As you step into the lineage of earth angels, learn about those who have gone before you, bringing forth knowledge and wisdom from the angelic realm. Flower Newhouse of Questhaven, John Randolph Price, Sophie Burnham, Doreen Virtue, Joan Wester Anderson, and Jean Slatter to name a few. Rev. Dr. Judith Larkin Reno takes us on a historical tour of the development of the American Angel Lineage.

Seraphim and the Manifesting Angels
The Seraphim represent the Supreme Authority to create in the material world. Meet the manifesting angels and claim your divine heritage in the Seraphim lineage. As an Angel Minister and member of the Order of the Seraphim, you command the Supreme Authority to create. Experience the source of this authority and how to use it as you meet the Manifesting Angels.

Ask and Receive Meditation
Receive Support for Your Highest Calling Meditation


Everyone knows and loves Archangel Michael, our mighty protector. Meet Michael and the other Archangels who provide love, healing, energy, creativity, everything we need as humans. Experience the energy and purpose of these glorious beings and learn how they call us into union.

Archangels Meditation

Raphael and the Healing Angels
Raphael means “God Cures.” As an Angel Minister, you are being called into Raphael’s healing service. Learn more about Raphael and his legions of angels as you experience their radiant presence and practice coming into union with their gifts of healing and guidance.

Healing Angels Sacrament (Reading)
Letting Go Meditation

Love and Relationships Angels
Hadraniel and the angels receive emanations of pure, divine love from the Eternal and project them to Earth. The essence of this love becomes the matter that composes our bodies and everything else we see and touch in our world. Love is truly the cohesive force uniting us all. Learn how to increase your capacity to receive and give love. In the process, gain wisdom and tools for helping others.

Love and Relationships Sacrament (Reading)
Love Angels Meditation


Guardian Angels 

Your guardian angel has been with you for many lifetimes, patiently and lovingly guiding you Home. Learn how guardian angels help us in life and explore your personal relationship.

Guardian Angel’s Kiss Reading
Guardian Angel Meditation


Divination: Angel Readings
Learn to connect with angel guidance through angel decks, types of angel readings, using intuition. From one card readings, to 3 cards and more complicated readings, learn the basics steps of every angel reading: how to focus on a question, connect with divine energy, draw a card, gain intuitive knowing, invoke the presence of the angel to receive the healing, guidance and gifts being offered. Combine decks. Discover the difference between psychic and soul information and energy. Define your gift and style.

Divine Plan Sacrament (Reading)

Angel Healing Circle
Experience the power of Angel Healing Circles. You’ve learned how to one-on-one readings, in this class, you’ll learn how to do readings in groups.

Audio Studies from Dr. Judith Larkin Reno:

How to See Angels

Angel Blessings Cards, by Kimberly Marooney
My Angel Connection: The Guidebook to Interactions with Angels, by Kimberly Marooney


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