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Beloved Child of Light, you are far more powerful than you know. You are far more abundant, creative and imaginative than you have allowed yourself to be. You are a magnificent, glorious, radiant Being of Light who has chosen birth at this time to help with uplifting human consciousness on an unprecedented scale.

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We begin by gathering monthly in our LIVE VIDEO ROOM with New Thought Leaders to renew and restore the radiant glow of Love in our hearts and souls. Then to generously share our combined energy in massive calls to Love such as the world has never before seen!


January 2018

We welcome George Koury:



George Koury ~ International Psychic Medium
& Angel Messenger


At the tender age of 5, an Angel appeared to George. From that moment on, his psychic abilities began to unfold. With the guidance of his Grandmother, a gifted Medium herself, George expanded his ability to communicate with departed loved ones and Angels.

You don't want to miss this! George was a clown for Ringling Brothers so we are sure to be in for some fun. That's good because our topic is powerful.

George will guide us to Rise Up from the Dead.

Do you find yourself buried? Are you struggling to breathe beneath the overwhelm of life? George will help us to identify where we are numb and disconnected so we can summon our Selves to re-awaken to the wonders of our uniqueness.

Best of all, we'll discover where we can go from here to truly flourish in 2018!



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Loving Kindness Activation

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We invite you into our Soul Circle as you watch the Loving Kindness Activation.

The Angels Activated within us the soul quality of Loving Kindness to help us be a blessing to ourselves and everyone during the Holy Days.

Please join us in the Illumination Circle. We you attend live, you have the opportunity to connect with the most amazing earth angels. In the circle we connect at the Soul Realm to receive the love and wisdom we need for our next steps. We've been waiting for you! Join us now. Click the link below.

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    What if you had a place where you could go to feel empowered to uplift human consciousness? Would you do it?

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    What if you could personally experience a sense of Oneness and Awe that is beyond anything you could imagine? Would you jump in?

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    Spirit guided you here. Take the leap of faith and give us a try—make the choice to unite with like minded people and find your kindreds.

  • Each month, join in LIVE VIDEO BROADCASTS to get connected, inspired, and educated on the latest in New Thought techologies.
  • Receive rare WISDOM TEACHINGS guide you to use the Spiritual Opportunities that are available to improve your life.
  • Your INNER SENSES will expand and open through the Circles and Teachings.
  • Engage in Global Projects to uplift consciousness.
  • Experience community through our private Facebook Group.
  • As an added BONUS, get instant access to Archangel Raphael's Walk-In Healing Clinic! This was a powerful meditation experience we received that you'll want to watch over and over!

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  • Monthly Live Illumination Circles with New Thought Leaders where you’re invited to ask questions & actively participate
  • Wisdom Teachings from Rev. Dr. Judith Larkin Reno
  • Community Connection through our private Facebook Group
  • Your inner senses expanded and opened through the Circles and Teachings
  • Co-creative opportunities to be a part of Global Projects uplifting consciousness
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