Welcome to The Angel Ministry

Answer The Call of Your Soul

The Angel Ministry is an accredited curriculum of Gateway University®
A School for the Study of Higher Consciousness

specializing in spiritual psychology, consciousness studies, and philosophy religious studies.


The Angel Ministry is a brilliant blend of academic learning and spiritual experience, Angelology,

Intuitive and Mystical Skills development, Consciousness and Wisdom Technologies,


Essential Spiritual Practices, and Ministerial Leadership Training with special guest speakers who are world leaders.


CLASSES ARE OPEN>> ENROLL TODAY to begin deepening your personal spiritual practice while learning how to heal and help others as a certified angel worker.


What is the Angel Ministry

This Nine Month Gateway University Ordination Program

prepares you for a career as an Angel Worker.

You begin to combine your deepest soul calling with your unique gifts and talents to serve in the way that you feel called. There is no formula or cookie cutter model. Your ministry may be administered through a soul-based business or writing books.

Ordained ministers have a special status in the professional world.

As a licensed minister, you can legally offer hands-on healing and pastoral counseling. Officiate at weddings. Perform the sacraments of baptism and communion. Invoke angels as you bless, heal, counsel, love, and serve. Even start your own church, spiritual or healing center!

The main focus of the training teaches you to enter the Presence of the Most High and then take others there for experiences of profound healing, blessing, guidance and love.


The Angel Ministry is for you if you are:

Feeling the call of the soul to a ministry
Seeking a deeper relationship with God and angels
Want to dive deep within to discover who you really are in the light of God
Need to understand why you are here and what you are called to do
Ready to integrate your soul purpose with life purpose


The curriculum is a brilliant blend of academic learning and spiritual experience

Receive a full year of University credit as you study Angelology, Intuitive and Mystical Skills development, Consciousness and Wisdom Technologies, Essential Spiritual Practices, Ministerial Leadership Training, and Conscious Business Development with special guest speakers who are world leaders.

During the Angel Ministry course, you will:

Learn to receive accurate guidance and messages for yourself and others
Experience profound healing as you develop your natural healing skills and abilities
Strengthen your intuitive connection with angels and people as you learn to provide spiritual counseling
Attract miracles and the joy of living in spirit

Learn to minister to the needs of others through the sacraments of marriage, beginning of life, end of life and everything in between

Discover if The Angel Ministry is right for you,

complete the application and have a conversation with Rev. Kimberly Marooney.

No obligation. Miracles are possible!

Classes Starting NOw!

*LTD OFFER—Free Angel Classes: 4 Ways to Deepen Your Experience with Angels.

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Experts and Luminaries

Here is a glimpse of the guest ministers and spiritual luminaries

who will join us to add their resources during this program

Learn more about these special guest speakers further down the page

During this 9-month Angel Ministry Ordination Program,
Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney will personally guide you through a rare and profound spiritual transformation
as you learn how to stand in the presence of Divine Love and then guide others into that presence.

Join this highly respected worldwide group of Angel Ministers
who teach and help others to enter the Divine Love that heals all.

When we take the time to connect with our souls,
and then connect to others, soul to soul, something extraordinary happens
We create an opening for inspired, impassioned creativity to occur.
Kimberly Marooney

WHO is the Angel Ministry for?

The Angel Ministry Ordination Program guides you to claim your angelic heritage and personal power,

access inner wisdom, and become your own authority in partnership with the Divine.


Are you interested in an in-depth exploration of the angels and how they assist humankind through healing,

inspiration and positive change? Does your soul yearn to unite with Angels?


 Is your heart yearning for deeper spiritual experiences and knowing?


This program is for angel workers, angel readers, Angel Therapy Practitioners®, massage therapists, psychologists, counselors, energy workers, coaches, ministers, writers, artists— anyone called to include angels in their soul purpose. Course work is delivered via webcast classes accessible by phone & internet anywhere in the world, pdf, mp3 download’s, reading, personal coaching + a 5-day retreat.

If an instant piece of paper that says you are ordained doesn’t do it for you,

and your soul yearns for world-class training and coaching,

The Angel Ministry is for you.

News Flash!

4 Ways to Deepen Your Experience with Angels
is a free program


Attend Four 2-hour classes
with Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney!

Accredited |Angel Work

Classes start NOW

*LTD OFFER—Free Angel Classes: 4 Ways to Deepen Your Experience with Angels.

Attend Four  2-hour classes with Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney! FREE! >> SIGN-UP NOW




Angel Reader Certification – classes starting now
The Angel Ministry program begins with the most in-depth Angel Reader training course available in the world. More than “just a reading,” this step-by-step method teaches you to bring people into a state of divine connection, love, healing, forgiveness, and guidance. Miracles happen in the embrace of the angels and God.
Pre-Requisite: None


Angel Counselor Certification
Continue to develop skills and build your business as you learn to go deeper into the Divine Presence through Essential Spiritual Practices. Using nine spiritual practices including prayer, meditation and gratitude, you’ll learn to bring people to a deeper state of inner connection and Presence.
Pre-Requisite: Angel Reader Certification


Angel Ministry Ordination
With the foundation of Angelology, Spiritual Practice, Intuitive and Mystical Skills, Consciousness, and Angel Counseling laid, it’s time to focus on the skills of your unique ministry. Your Angel Ministry is based on your soul’s calling, gifts, and skills. Learn how to serve others as an accredited angel worker.
Pre-Requisite: Angel Reader Certification and Angel Counselor Certification


The Angel Ministry Missionangel-ministry-02
To inspire lifelong learning, advance knowledge & empower ALL angel workers with academic credentials.

The mission of The Angel Ministry is to use the sacred passages of life as a bridge to Divine Love. These sacred passages are the blessings of marriage and commitment, baptism, birth, illness, challenge, gratitude, change, contribution, death and the many moments of daily life that call us together in soul purpose. You will learn a simple step-by-step method that turns any situation into an opportunity for healing and love. And as you heal, you become an instrument of healing and love for others.

Angel Ministers are trained to step into Divine Radiant Presence and stand as a beacon guiding others into the healing and wisdom that result from personal experiences of Divine Love and God Union.

Angel Ministers create a personal ministry of service that combines spiritual path with soul purpose. Each ministry is unique and makes an important contribution to the evolution of consciousness. Multi-faith and non-denominational, The Angel Ministry provides the spiritual training, tools and community support needed for a life of fulfillment, unity, love, and purpose.




All that I am, or hope to be,

I owe to my angel

Abraham Lincoln

Angel Reader Certification| Bridge to Spirit

12 WEEKS, 9 units of University transcript creditangel ministry
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*LTD OFFER—Free Angel Classes: 4 Ways to Deepen Your Experience with Angels. Attend Four  2-hour classes with Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney! FREE! >> SIGN-UP NOW


The Angel Ministry program begins with the most in-depth Angel Reader training course available in the world. More than “just a reading,” this step-by-step method teaches you to bring people into a state of divine connection, love, healing, forgiveness, and guidance. Miracles happen in the embrace of the angels and God. You are not the doer; you are providing the Bridge to Spirit. That is what the angels first called Angel Blessings Cards.


Core Curriculum:

Professional Angel Reader Business Development
Begin with your vision of your Angel Reader practice. From there, a potent questionnaire guides you effortlessly through defining your first draft of your business plan. Through the 12 weeks, you will fill in the pieces in preparation to launch your practice. Several prominent Angel Readers will join us to share tips and suggestions they’ve learned from experience.

Practicum: Angel Reading angel-card-reading
Learn step-by-step how to do potent Angel Readings that go beyond the mind and into direct connection with Spirit. With peer and Angel Minister support, practice giving Angel Readings. Log ten readings to get your certificate.

The Angel Connection: Overview of the Types of Angels
Much has been written about angels over the millennia. Get an overview of the generally accepted hierarchies and types of angels. Learn to balance thinking with experience as you discover for yourself with this introduction to the hierarchies of Dionysius, The Kabbahla, Ceanne DeRohan and others.

The Angel Connection: Earth Angels and Living Legacies
As you step into the lineage of earth angels, learn about those who have gone before you, bringing forth knowledge and wisdom from the angelic realm. Flower Newhouse of Questhaven, John Randolph Price, Sophie Burnham, Doreen Virtue, Joan Wester Anderson, and Jean Slatter to name a few. Rev. Dr. Judith Larkin Reno takes us on a historical tour of the development of the American Angel Lineage.

Seraphim and the Manifesting Angels
The Seraphim represent the Supreme Authority to create in the material world. Meet the manifesting angels and claim your divine heritage in the Seraphim lineage. As an Angel Minister and member of the Order of the Seraphim, you command the Supreme Authority to create. Experience the source of this authority and how to use it as you meet the Manifesting Angels.

Ask and Receive Meditation
Receive Support for Your Highest Calling Meditation


Everyone knows and loves Archangel Michael, our mighty protector. Meet Michael and the other Archangels who provide love, healing, energy, creativity, everything we need as humans. Experience the energy and purpose of these glorious beings and learn how they call us into union.

Archangels Meditation

Raphael and the Healing Angels
Raphael means “God Cures.” As an Angel Minister, you are being called into Raphael’s healing service. Learn more about Raphael and his legions of angels as you experience their radiant presence and practice coming into union with their gifts of healing and guidance.

Healing Angels Sacrament (Reading)
Letting Go Meditation

Love and Relationships Angels
Hadraniel and the angels receive emanations of pure, divine love from the Eternal and project them to Earth. The essence of this love becomes the matter that composes our bodies and everything else we see and touch in our world. Love is truly the cohesive force uniting us all. Learn how to increase your capacity to receive and give love. In the process, gain wisdom and tools for helping others.

Love and Relationships Sacrament (Reading)
Love Angels Meditation


Guardian Angels 

Your guardian angel has been with you for many lifetimes, patiently and lovingly guiding you Home. Learn how guardian angels help us in life and explore your personal relationship.

Guardian Angel’s Kiss Reading
Guardian Angel Meditation


Divination: Angel Readings
Learn to connect with angel guidance through angel decks, types of angel readings, using intuition. From one card readings, to 3 cards and more complicated readings, learn the basics steps of every angel reading: how to focus on a question, connect with divine energy, draw a card, gain intuitive knowing, invoke the presence of the angel to receive the healing, guidance and gifts being offered. Combine decks. Discover the difference between psychic and soul information and energy. Define your gift and style.

Divine Plan Sacrament (Reading)

Angel Healing Circle
Experience the power of Angel Healing Circles. You’ve learned how to one-on-one readings, in this class, you’ll learn how to do readings in groups.

Audio Studies from Dr. Judith Larkin Reno:

How to See Angels

Angel Blessings Cards, by Kimberly Marooney
My Angel Connection: The Guidebook to Interactions with Angels, by Kimberly Marooney


* You can order your books when you register.


the Angel Reader Certification 

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The Angels want to help you

experience the eternal love your soul is longing for.


is the illumination of your soul.

John O’Donohue

Angel Counselor Certification|Inner Connection of Depth and Presence

Angel Ministery
13 Weeks, 14.5 Units
of Gateway University Transcript Credit

Apply Now
Classes Starting Now

Pre-Requisite: Angel Reader Certification

*LTD OFFER—Free Introductory Angel Classes: 4 Ways to Deepen Your Experience with Angels.
Attend Four 2-hour classes with Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney! FREE! SIGN-UP NOW


Continue to develop skills and build your business as you learn to go deeper into the Divine Presence through Essential Spiritual Practices. Using nine spiritual practices including prayer, meditation and gratitude, you’ll learn to bring people to a deeper state of inner connection and Presence. This is where the miracles and profound healing are experienced.

Are you feeling called to become an Angel Counselor?

The first step is the Angel Reader Certification.

Register for the first Angel Reader Certification class to get started!


Core Curriculum: angel-counselor

Angel Counselor Business Development
Learn how to set up your Angel Counseling practice. Starting with your vision of your practice, a detailed questionnaire will lead you through the steps of your business plan. Assess your “tools” then further develop your abilities with peer and Angel Minister support. Fill in the pieces of your business plan during the 13 weeks so you are ready to start counseling when you receive your certification.

Angel Counseling & Internship
Your angel counseling practice with be founded on ethical issues, confidentiality and impeccability. I never know what to do when I first listen to the person. Then I surrender and a treasure trove opens up from my own past experience, scripture, intuition, channeling, soul guidance and other training. What are your skills, talents and abilities that apply to angel counseling? What do you offer? What is your style? Explore sources for counseling wisdom and define the areas where you feel most competent. The major concerns in counseling are love and relationships, money and work issues, health, worthiness and life circumstances. How do you envision your Angel Counseling practice? With peer and Angel Minister support, practice giving Angel Counseling sessions. Log ten sessions to get your certificate.

You as a Healer
Recognize your gifts and abilities. Discover your style. Imagine how this important component will fit into your Angel Counseling and future Ministry.

Invoking Angels
The mission of the angels is to deliver people into the Presence of Divine Love, healing and joy. Your primary task as an angel minister is to invoke the presence of angels, step into the sacred light and divine presence of Eternal Love, and bring others with you. Learn how to invoke angels, recognize and enter their presence to receive comfort, healing, guidance and love for yourself and others.

Recognizing Angel Responses
I often hear people complain that their prayers aren’t answered. Then when they share the stories of their lives, I can clearly see the answers they missed. — Kimberly Marooney Get clued in. Learn to recognize angel responses and angel guidance in life, through your inner senses of vision, hearing, feeling and knowing. Discover how journaling is a key to gaining awareness about the angel interaction in your life. Get the missing piece of gratitude – be grateful before you recognize a response, giving to spirit.

Angel Attunements
It’s all about the personal experience. Go beyond the words, beyond the mind and understanding. This is where the real healing and guidance take place. The angels of Surrender, Humility and Connection guide us on this adventure into the angelic realms.

The God Ladder Applied to Life
Spiritual cartographer Dr. Judith Larkin Reno’s God Ladder is an extraordinary tool for understanding your levels of consciousness and how to apply them to life. She calls it the earthly and heavenly equipment. Join in this question and answer session as we talk about what you have learned from the 2 CD set Spiritual Initiation and the 5 CD set The God Ladder that is part of your listening assignment.

It’s All about Your Connection angel-connection
Overview of the Essential Spiritual Practices you will learn to use. Prayer – how to ask for what you need. Meditation – you will learn many forms of meditation, one just right for any need or situation including working through agitation, releasing anger, basking in the sweet embrace of eternal love, and connecting with divine intelligence.

Learn how to receive and recognize the response to your prayer. Contemplation – use journal writing to gain self awareness, learn to use spiritual teachings for any situation in life and realize their meaning through personal experience. Devotion – create sacred space for your soul and your soul’s calling, your angel ministry. Tithing – a powerful tool, both as a personal spiritual practice and as a fund raiser. Desire – the most valuable soul quality.

Learn how to recognize your soul’s desire and use it in decision making. Gratitude – the golden quality of soul that has the power to change consciousness instantly. The 4 Steps – an introduction to this powerful practice. Taking Action – spiritual awareness, soul purpose, soul calling are useless without action.

Receive guidelines for what actions to take and when. Austerities – the time honored tradition of simplifying life to give more attention to God, love, soul, divinity. Learn how to use austerities to add power and clarity to your life and choices.

Designing Spiritual Practice Programs
Using the Essential Spiritual Practices, learn how to design uniquely personal daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly programs for yourself and others.

The Four Steps
Gain awareness, open to receive, be willing to change and take action. These four simple steps are the corner stone for spiritual endeavor. When applied to contemplation, prayer, and meditation, they become powerful forces for awakening. Learn the four steps and practice applying them. A program you can teach others.

Learn how to use journaling to gain self-awareness by contemplating questions, feelings, life events, issues and desires from a spiritual perspective. Select relevant spiritual teachings and contemplate them in prayer and meditation to realize an experience of their meaning.

Pray Now! angels-of-grace
Become a prayer master. Learn how to pray so that you are heard and receive immediate responses. Meet the angels of Prayer. Learn how to organize and lead Prayer Circles. Pray believing!

Be Grateful
Apply gratitude as a Daily Practice. Experience the power of a gratitude journal.

Leadership Training
Leading groups is a powerful way to build your counseling practice and community/congregation. Learn to lead a Rosary Circle as a gentle introduction to leadership with the loving support of Mother Mary. You’ll receive a guide with everything needed to start a Rosary Circle in your home or anywhere else.

Audio Studies from Dr. Judith Larkin Reno:
The Aura and Thought Forms
The Soul Connection
Grounding and Spacing Out
Relaxation and Guided Imagery
The Dangers of Meditation
Meeting with Angels


Angel Love Cards of Divine Devotion, Faith and Grace, by Kimberly Marooney
Your Guardian Angel, by Kimberly Marooney
The Angel Ministry Angel Counselor Certification Workbook, by Kimberly Marooney

Order your books when you register.


Answer Your Soul Calling

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to becoming an Angel Counselor
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angel raphael

Or do you feel alone and don’t easily connect with others —Or Your Self?

Feeling disconnected means you are unaware of your connection to soul and source.

Make an Angel Connection to help you feel connected to life, your soul and angels.

All the possibilities

of your human destiny are asleep in your soul.

You are here to realize and honor these possibilities.

John O’Donohue

Angel Ministry Ordination

12 Weeks, 15 Units of gateway University transcript credit

Apply Now
Class Starti
ng now

Pre-Requisite: Angel Reader Certification & Angel Counselor Certification

*LTD OFFER—Free Introductory Angel Classes: 4 Ways to Deepen Your Experience with Angels.
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With the foundation of Angelology, Spiritual Practice, Intuitive and Mystical Skills, Consciousness, and Angel Counseling laid, it’s time to focus on the skills of ministry.


Core Curriculum:

Receiving the Call to Ministry
The call of the soul appears through feelings, family, life circumstances, injury, friends, mates, and children. Recognize how you are being called to the Ministry. Learn simple ways to become an Angel on Call for service to the world. Vision your Angel Ministry.

Planning Your Ministry
Each Angel Ministry is unique. Your Angel Ministry will be based on your soul’s calling, gifts, and skills. Learn the options as you vision and define your ministry.

Spiritual Community Development Angel-ordination
What is your vision for your community or congregation? How will you find the people who want to be a part of your ministry? Define your virtual and real out-reach methods. Learn about the qualities of leaders and do a self-assessment. Then lead a group!

Right association is a foundation to every serious spiritual path. That means associating with others who help raise you up into truth and love rather than drag you down into negativity, judgment and agitated emotions. Learn the ground rules for right association and how to apply them to build spiritual community.

Launching Your Ministry
You’ve defined your business plan, now jump into action. Get peer and Angel Ministry support as you take the first steps in your ministry.

History of Angels in Scripture
The angels have the longest lineage of any spiritual influence in human life. Receive an overview of documented angel guidance, healing, inspiration and protection in The Bible’s Old Testament, Jesus experiences with angels, the angels of the Kabbalah, Hindu angels, Buddhist angels, the angels of Islam, and the Essene angel rituals. Draw on this rich heritage in all you do include sacred writing and speaking.

As an Angel Minister, you will be asked to manifest healing, prosperity, peace, love, truth, community, you name it. Learn more about the keys to manifesting and how to command with authority.

Devotional Service
Selfless giving or devotional service is an essential spiritual practice. Learn about the benefits, benedictions, and joy of giving freely from your heart and soul. Tithe your time and abilities in the way you feel called to The Angel Ministry doing student support, office help, Ordination planning and preparation, copy editing and proofreading, project management, design and anything else needed. Angel Ministry requires not only abilities before audiences, but also the practical ability to get things done behind the scenes without recognition or spotlight acknowledgement. Tithe ten hours of selfless service.

Sacred Writing for Publication
Learn to receive the text you need for your ministry through prayerful writing. Articles, sermons, blogs, prayers, ceremonies, rituals, holy sacraments are all waiting to pour through your soul for the people in your congregation. Explore opportunities for getting your writing out to the world.

Pastoral Counseling and Dysfunctional Families
Dr. Judith Larkin Reno presents instruction on the dysfunctional family, healthy families and marriages. You’ll get an emotional guide for survivors of dysfunctional families; checklist for hidden anger; ten commandments for resolving conflict; Dr. John Bradshaw’s profile of a dysfunctional family system, along with models of healthy marriage and a potent relationships reading list.

Writing inspiring messages or sermons for church congregations and any events you do has never been more important. That is why great resources are essential. Learn the basics for preparing messages and get some great resources. Then speak! You’ll have the opportunity to present at a Sunday Angel Service sponsored by The Angel Ministry or be a guest on our We Are The Beads of the Rosary Radio program.

Ministerial Practicum 1 Blessing
Officiate at a home or garden blessing. It could even be your own home or garden. Gain practical experience preparing for the blessing, entering into communion with Spirit, and speaking the blessing out loud. Highly recommended that others be present.

Ministerial Practicum 2 Group Leadership
Learn how to organize and guide an event, or hone your skills. Explore the options and discover your style. Then lead! Then host an event for your family, friends and clients.

Ministerial Practicum 4 Funding Raising and Tithing Project
Choose a fund raising project and donate the proceeds. Combine projects and donate revenue from a blessing, event or angel counseling sessions.

Ministerial Candidacy
Explore the ethical issues involved in being a minister including rules of confidentiality, penitent privilege, mandatory informancy, and moral impeccability. In addition, learn more about the practical side of the ministry; record keeping, weddings, your Annual Report and tithing to the Mother Church. Complete with a temporary virtual ordination that will hold until you come for the live ordination in Northern California.

Audio Studies:

Spiritual Initiation, by Judith Larkin Reno
Life Visioning 2-CD kit, by Michael Beckwith


The Angel Ministers Handbook, by Kimberly Marooney
Giving Thanks: The Art of Tithing, by Paula Langguth Ryan
Transformational Speaking: If you want to change the world tell a better story, by Gail Larsen

* Order books when you register.

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Ordination Program

5 Days, 6 Units of Gateway university transcript credit

Live event, location to be announced
Pre-Requisites: Angel Reader Certification, Angel Counselor Certification and Angel Ministry

Attend a retreat where the final ordination and anointing will take place passing on the lineage of the Seraphim and initiating you into The Order of the Seraphim. You won’t want to miss this life changing experience. There will be additional tuition and fees for the Ordination to cover the costs of accommodation, meals, materials, and your travel.


Core Curriculum: angel-wedding

Sacred Event Preparation, Homiletics and Leadership
Hands-on experience preparing for sacred events. Room blessing, altar set up, blessing holy water and anointing oil. Invoking angels and God. Event preparation and room set-up for optimal flow of energy. How to use music in sacred ceremony and events. Leading sacred circles. Homiletics, deliver a sacred message.

The Signature Wedding
Get the basics on what you need to know to officiate at weddings. You’ll receive The Signature Wedding book by Rev. Dr. Judith Larkin Reno. This is two books in one. A Love Manual for Happy Marriage, and a comprehensive source book for ministers to use with couples in prenuptial counseling as well as designing the wedding ceremony. You’ll learn how to put together a unique wedding ceremony and even get a little bit of practice! Training includes a step-by-step guide for working with brides and grooms.

The Sacraments of Baptism & Holy Communion Blessing & Holy Water for Baptism
Practical hands-on training to prepare and administer the Holy Sacraments of Baptism and Communion. Learn the value of these sacraments, where and when to administer to supplicants. Holy Communion for the sick and dying during home and hospital visits.

Ordination and Anointing
Not like a school graduation, this life altering experience of anointing calls you into union with your true being where you will claim your heritage in the Seraphim Lineage and the souls who are destined to come to you for healing. Dance in the joy of soul and Divine Oneness that result from deep prayer, meditation, and focused endeavor. Then fall into the arms of your eternal beloved as you open your heart, mind, body and soul to receive the mantle authority and vision of your ministry.

Starting Your Ministry
Now that you’re ordained, what is your next step? Visioning and business planning for your Angel Ministry. Sacred marketing of your services. Developing your congregation through events, counseling, sacraments, weddings, speaking.


 Classes starting now

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for this life-changing 9-month “The Angel Ministry Ordination Program “

Attend courses by phone and internet with weekly reading and listening assignments. All class sessions will be recorded. Listen at your convenience if you can’t attend a session live.

This program isn’t for everyone. Apply to see if you qualify. The application process is free and you don’t pay the registration fee until you have been accepted.

If you feel called to this ministry and think you may not qualify, apply anyway. Have a conversation with Kimberly and find out for sure!

With God, anything is possible.

Step 1 –  complete your application

Answering the questions on the application will get you started thinking about your unique Angel Ministry.

Step 2 – Have a private phone consultation with Kimberly to answer any questions you may have and register.



Have questions or need help? email Kimberly@KimberlyMarooney.com


Don’t forget!
*LTD OFFER—Free Introductory Angel Classes: 4 Ways to Deepen Your Experience with Angels.
Attend Four 2-hour classes with Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney! FREE! SIGN-UP NOW



How much of a difference could you make
in the world
if you truly believed in the presence of God that lives
through you and within you?
That IS you?

What if you just Believed—in you?
Kimberly Marooney

Guest Interviews |with Leading Angel Experts

The following spiritual luminaries, ministers and angel experts add the richness of their resources to the curriculum:


charlene-proctorRev. Charlene Proctor, Ph.D.

Author of Let Your Goddess Grow! and The Women’s Book of Empowerment, helps lead people to a more postiive mind and heart set. Also the founder of The Goddess Network, Charlene believes in your potential to transform the world through higher levels of conscious awareness.

Hear how The Oneness Blessing changed Charlene’s life and business, then Charlene will lead us through a frequency vibration meditation, stabilizing our energy centers so she can bestow the blessing upon us.


sophy-burnhamSophy Burnham

We are thrilled to offer a special treat– a teleseminar with best-selling author SOPHY BURNHAM on the subject of Angels and the Spiritual Dimension. She will talk about a whole host of matters, including working with angels, intuition, giving psychic or angel readings, healing touch, soul purpose — AND she will take your stories about angels and questions about the Spiritual world!

Join us to learn how the angels call us all into service and how a mystical connection can shape heal and prosper your life and career.

SOPHY BURNHAM, award-winning author of 12 books, as well as films, plays, audios and scores of articles and essays, is best known as the author of A Book of Angels and its sequel Angel Letters. These books were translated into 22 languages and have changed perceptions everywhere of how the world works — of loving angels surrounding and helping us — and of how to commune with these messengers of the Divine through your own intuition, longing, prayer, and ecstatic experiences.



paula-l-ryanPaula Langguth Ryan

The author of Bounce Back from Bankruptcy and Giving Thanks: The Art of Tithing, Paula is one of the few people who bridges the gap between spirit and matter. With a distinguished career as a performance coach, contemporary prosperity advisor and empowerment speaker, you may have heard Paula on NPR’s Weekend Edition or seen her on PBS’s Financial Freedom or NBC’s Today in New York.

Paula joins us to share the value of tithing as spiritual practice. Tithing is an often misunderstood or feared activity, which, in actuality, is one of the most precious gifts we have for connecting with the Divine in ourselves and others, with gratitude. Paula shares the true spiritual meaning and value of tithing that will break free all the fears, misapprehensions and myths you may have grown up learning.


lorraine-cohenRev. Dr. Lorraine Cohen


Rev. Lorraine Cohen is internationally recognized for one heart coaching, inner grace healing and higher light channeling. For more than 25 years, Lorraine has used her extraordinary spiritual, intuitive and healing gifts to support women to transform past emotional wounds into wisdom, compassion, and power.

A fierce advocate for her clients’ transformation, she helps them to restore their innate value, purpose, self -love and personal connection to God to create their boldest, most abundant, and meaningful life.

She is an international best-selling co-author, “Unwavering Strength, Vol. 2, an internationally published writer for BellaMia Magazine, and co-author, ‘Embraced By The Divine: The Emerging Woman’s Gateway to Power, Passion, and Purpose.’ releasing soon.


anita-lawRev. Anita Pathik Law

Do you believe? Do you believe in a power that exists deep within you that can heal, transform, and create incredible peace and freedom in your body, mind and relationships? Be a part of this extraordinary adventure to Awaken the Healer Within you.

In addition, Anita is generously giving you a 20-minute healing meditation on Original Intent that is powerful and a 90-minute teleseminar on awakening your inner healer.



jean-slatterJean Slatter, Ph.D.

An inspirational speaker at popular conventions for over 10 years, Jean is the author of the hugely successful book Hiring the Heavens. Jean believes it is our true nature to be powerful creators. Her programs and materials invite purposeful serendipity into our lives and show us how to connect with our higher wisdom and intuition in simple, down to earth ways. Jean is a Founding Senior Minister of Holistic Healing through Awakenings Institute and has been working with natural healing since 1988.

Learn how you can Hire the Heavens as you vision and call your Angel Ministry into being as the powerful creator that you are.


I am
the call
of my soul.

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